• Student should be able to read, write, speak and understand English and Urdu Language
  • Standard curriculum will be followed by our school system (SNC).
  • 50% marks are required to be obtained in each subject and assessments for promotion to next class
  • Failed to meet the required number of attendance will result in automatic “strike off rolls”. To continue re-admission will be required.

Examination Rules

  • All school rules must be observed throughout the entire exam.
  •  Long leaves will not be approved 2 weeks before examination.
  •   Short leaves will not be allowed during examinations.
  • Students are required to bring their own writing materials and mathematical instruments. No borrowing, lending or exchange of any materials is allowed during the Assessments/Exams
  • Students are advised to read the questions carefully. No marks are awarded for extra questions answered or any information not asked for in the questions
  • Students must bring their own answer sheets for major exams and assessments i.e. foolscap sheets etc.
  • In Assessments students will have 2 papers per day.
  •  Mid-year and Final examination will contain 20% of selected parts of previous terms/assessments syllabus.
  • All missed Assessment or exam will be taken on the date determined by the school management one week after the Mid-year (it would be on Friday and Saturday)
  • Rs.300/- per paper will be charged for Re-Test. Fee defaulters will not have this facility
  • Students will have Re-Test of only five subjects i.e. Science, English, Mathematics, Urdu and Social Studies. All these will be taken within two days  
  • If any student requests for conditional promotion it will be granted on terms and conditions.
  • In promotion result, marks of holiday homework, assessments and Mid-Term will be added. (H.HW 10%, Assessment 20%, Mid-year 35%, Final 40%)
  • Class 8 will have their Midterm Exams, right after the summer holidays and Pre-Ninth classes will begin soon after exam.

Home Work policy

  • Student should take responsibility for their any missed class work.
  • Homework should be done on regular basis i.e. no late submissions of homework, projects and assignments will be accepted.
  • All answers will not be done by the teachers. Students will be given work to improve creative learning.
  • To create the creative writing, spelling checking will be done by the students not by the teachers. Teacher will just indicate the mistakes.
  • Peer- correction of copies is also the standard checking of the school.
  • Course books are not to be taught page by page. 
  • Educational trips will be added to class participation and marked accordingly.
  • Change of section is not allowed except of very grave reasons.