• A formal interview with both the parents will be taken.
  • Child must be present at the time of interview.
  • Age of the child must be 3 to 3.5 years.
  • Child must be toilet trained.
  • Child must be able to answer basic questions about his/her name, father’s name, mother’s name etc.
  •  Registration form must be with the parents at the time of interview.
  • Timely arrivals will be appreciated.
  • Selected child will be informed by phone and email.

 Nursery to Class X:

  •  Applicants for Nursery to class Two are tested in three subjects (English, Urdu, and Mathematics).
  •  Applicants for class Three onwards, will be tested in subjects (English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science).
  • For written test the child should come equipped with the stationery.
  • The tests are of general nature, designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of the child in the core subjects. Maximum 60% marks in all subjects will be required.
  •  Successful students will appear for the interview.
  •  If the student passes the test and does well in the interview, the student is offered admission. However, in all cases, the admission is up to the discretion of the school management, based on the availability of seats.