1. Sports

We organize an annual athletic meet, which serves as a platform for showcasing sporting talent and promoting a healthy competitive spirit.

Throughout the year, inter-house tournaments are conducted in cricket, football, table tennis, and badminton for all students, providing opportunities for students to engage in physical activity and teamwork.

  1. National & International Competitions

Students are actively encouraged to participate in national and international competitions, including events like Spelling Bee, entrepreneurship, and more.

Our high school students engage in international debates and Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, where dedicated trainers prepare them for success on the global stage.

  1. Outreach and Service Learning Programs

Our students actively participate in community service programs at various levels, cultivating a habit of sharing with the less fortunate, nurturing a sense of responsibility and global citizenship within them.

  1. International Web Conferencing

Students have the exciting opportunity to connect with peers at both national and international levels through web conferencing, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and expanding their horizons.

  1. Outings and Educational Trips

We strongly advocate for educational outings and trips at St. Anthony’s High School. These experiences provide students with valuable hands-on learning opportunities and a chance to explore beyond the classroom.

These diverse experiences and activities contribute to the holistic development of our students, promoting physical fitness, intellectual growth, social responsibility, global awareness, and a deeper understanding of the world around them