We highly encourage parents and guardians to play an active and integral role in their child’s education. Your involvement is not only welcomed but also crucial to the overall success and development of your child. Here are some ways you can collaborate with the school:

Parent-Teacher Meeting: Participate in parent-teacher meetings as scheduled by the school. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, academic performance, and any other concerns or questions you may have.

Open Communication: Engage in open communication with the school through various channels, including email, WhatsApp, and phone lines, in addition to face-to-face interactions. We have established communication structures to facilitate open dialogue and consultation with parents and guardians.

Forge Strong Connections: Develop close and meaningful connections with the school community. Establishing a positive rapport is essential for your child’s educational journey.

Support Full Potential: Collaborate with the school to unlock the full potential of your child. This partnership ensures that your child receives the best possible education and guidance.

Shared Responsibility: Share in the responsibility of upholding the school’s ethos, values, and distinctive character. Your commitment helps maintain the integrity of the school’s mission.

Active Participation: Become actively involved in school activities and consider joining the Parents’ Council. Your active participation strengthens the school’s community spirit.

Influence Policy and Decisions: Participate in policy and decision-making processes that directly impact your child’s education. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable.

School Reports: Receive a comprehensive school report for your child at the end of each school year, providing insights into their academic journey.

Special Needs Support: If your child has special needs, we are committed to meeting with you to ensure their specific requirements are met.

Continuous Consultation: Throughout the year, we value your input in policy development and other school matters.

Your active involvement and collaboration are instrumental in creating a thriving and supportive educational environment for your child. Together, we can nurture their growth and success.