Promote a Bully-Free Environment: It is imperative to maintain our school zone as a haven free from bullying, abuse, and addiction. Treat your fellow students with kindness and respect at all times.

No Mobile Devices or Smart Watches: The use of mobile phones and smart watches is strictly prohibited within the school premises. Please ensure these devices are kept out of sight and turned off during school hours.

Respectful Language: Students are expected to communicate with each other respectfully and avoid the use of foul language or offensive remarks. Maintain courtesy and respect in all verbal and written interactions.

Responsible Use of School Property: Take good care of school properties and premises. Students found responsible for damaging school property, including vandalism, will bear the cost of replacement.

No Writing or Scribing on Walls: Writing on walls or any form of scribing is strictly forbidden. Preserve the integrity of our school environment by refraining from such actions.

Maintain Cleanliness: Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness at all times on the school premises. This includes not only your immediate surroundings but also the general upkeep of the school environment.

Punctuality and Attendance: Be punctual and attend all classes as scheduled. Your commitment to attending classes on time is essential for your academic success.

Respectful Behavior Online: Students should extend respectful and courteous behavior to online interactions, including social media, emails, and other digital communication platforms. Cyberbullying and inappropriate online behavior will not be tolerated.

Conflict Resolution: If conflicts or disagreements arise, students are encouraged to seek peaceful and constructive ways to resolve them. Avoid physical altercations and disruptive behavior both within and outside of school.

By adhering to these standards, you contribute to a positive and respectful school atmosphere, which benefits both you and your fellow students. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.