Almost every high school offers some type of curricular and co-curricular activity, such as music, academic clubs, and sports. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community.
Following are the activities that take place throughout the year.

Pre-School (Mont-Nursery GRO)

English Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Hand Writing, Phonic / Drawing

Pre-School (Prep GRO)

SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Hand Writing, Urdu Spelling Bee, English Reading

SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Hand Writing, English Spelling Bee, Urdu Reading

Pre-School (ONE GRO)

SET-A: Urdu Reading, English Poetry, English Spelling Bee, Poster / Drawing

SET-B: English Reading, Urdu Spelling Bee, Urdu Poetry, Mental Math

Primary Department (2-5 GRO)

SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Speech, Singing Competition, Mental Math

SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Speech, English Spelling Bee, General Knowledge

Middle Department (6-8 GRO)

SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Speech, Singing Competition, General Knowledge

SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Speech, English Spelling Bee, Debate

High Department (9-10 GRO)

SET-A: Debates, Urdu Letter Writing, English Essay Writing, Computer Typing

SET-B: English Speech, English Letter Writing, Urdu Essay Writing, General Knowledge


  • All students must take part in 4 activities in a year.
  • Students will select one activity from Set-A and another activity from Set-B for first and second term.
  • Selection of the activity will be done one by the student and other by the class teacher.
  • The annual plan of the activities should be shared with parents through website and should be in class notice board.
  • Activities will be selected in two terms as mentioned in each term accordingly.
  • Class teacher conducts the first term competition along with the other designated teacher assigned by the set department.
  • To qualify for a Trophy/shield, the student must have secured at least 80% in the competition.
  1. Sports

An athletic meet is held once a year. During the year inter house tournaments are held in cricket, football, table tennis and badminton for boys.

  1. National & International Competitions

Students are encouraged to participate in both national and international competitions e.g. Spelling Bee, entrepreneurship, etc.

High school students take part in international debates and MUN. Competent trainers prepare the students for these activities.

  1. Out-Reach and Service Learning Programs:

Students participate in community service programs at different levels. These help them to develop into responsible global citizens.

  1. International Web Conferencing

Students interact with fellow students at both national and international level through web conferencing.

  1. Outings and Educational Trips

Outdoor trips are encouraged at St. Anthony’s High School for their educational values.