Participation in various competitions is a valuable aspect of a student’s development, helping prepare children to do well in the future with the talents God has given them. To ensure a well-rounded experience for all, we have established the following procedures:

Participation Requirement: Every student is required to participate in a minimum of four activities throughout the academic year, fostering the development of their talents and potential.

Activity Selection: For the first and second terms, students are to choose one activity from Set-A and another from Set-B. One selection is made by the student, and the other is determined by the class teacher, allowing students to explore a range of interests.

Transparency in Planning: An annual plan of these activities is shared with parents through the school’s website and prominently displayed on the class notice board. This transparency ensures that parents are well-informed about their children’s participation and can actively support their development.

Term-Based Selection: Activities are chosen for each term, as outlined in the annual plan, ensuring a balanced exposure to various skills and interests over the course of the year.

Competition Execution: The first-term competition is conducted by the class teacher, in collaboration with a designated teacher from the SET Department, creating a supportive environment for students to showcase their talents.


Qualification for Trophies/Shields: To be eligible for a Trophy or Shield, a student must achieve a minimum score of 80% in the competition. This recognition celebrates outstanding achievements and motivates students to excel in their chosen activities.

These guidelines ensure that students have the opportunity to explore diverse activities while maintaining transparency and fairness in the competition process. It is our commitment to fostering holistic development and recognizing outstanding achievements.