The school offers two streams of study.

  1. Matriculation

The school teaches the Single National Curriculum -2021 which leads to the Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Board with stress on; Islamiyat/Ethics, English, Urdu, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pakistan-Studies and Mathematics.

The two-year matriculation course is spread over 30 months as Pre-9th, 9A and 10A classes.

  1. Cambridge International Examination (O Levels)

Cambridge curriculum is taught to those students who wish to sit for Cambridge O-Level examination with stress on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Accounts , Economics , English as second language, Urdu (both as first language and as second language) Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Religious Studies/Islamiyat. In both streams mentioned above further stress is laid on life skills by inculcating the practice of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Trends in the International Mathematics and Science Study. (TIMSS)

Cambridge curriculum is spread over 36 months as O-1, O-2 and O-3.

  1.    The detailed syllabus to be covered in each term and in each subject along with respective           homework assignments are made available on the school website.
  2. The medium of instruction at St. Anthony’s is English. Hence every inducement is offered to   encourage the use of English in and out of the classroom, on the school premises, to lead the pupils  to attain proficiency in the language. Therefore, to improve the standard of English it is compulsory for all, be they students or teachers to speak English. This will better equip the students to understand their lessons and give them a chance to practice their English speech.



The major tests during the year are:

  1. Mid-Year Exam (October)
  2. End of the Year Exam (February)

               In addition to these, short assessment tests are held at the end of the syllabus A & B for the first term and at the end of D & E in the second term. These tests are carefully devised and conducted to the mutual benefit of the student and staff. As a rule, in assessment tests two papers are held in a day and terminal examination one paper a day without a break.

The results are punctually entered in the student’s individual record in the school data base and are available for scrutiny and endorsement by the parent at the parent – teacher meetings.


In addition to the monthly tests, Pre Board Examination I & II for matriculation and Qualifying Examinations I &II for Cambridge are scheduled according to the requirements of the external boards.