Discipline at St. Anthony’s higher Secondary School operates within the context of a caring catholic community with the firm belief that Praise and encouragement are more effective than criticism and sanction.
Students are expected to take responsibility for their actions and maintain the high standards of behavior which are central to the catholic ethos of the school.
The support of parents in this respect is essential. To help students understand which is expected of them we follow a code of conduct.
As an English medium school, our students expected to be proficient in English, common salutation at St. Anthony’s High School is God bless you, in addition to other culturally accepted forms.

 General Conduct

At St. Anthony’s each student is focused to be a caring, persevering and forward-looking person. Students are taught the importance of respect while practicing social etiquettes. Students are encouraged to make good use of the platforms created for their development. Common salutation at Saint Anthony’s is God bless you in addition to other culturally accepted forms.

School Uniform

Summer Uniform for Boys
The summer uniform is blue shirt, embedded with the school badge, grey pants, grey socks and laced shoes.No modification to this uniform is allowed.


In order to encourage the students to aim high and endeavor to achieve higher standards in their holistic growth, commendations are issued to any student who exhibits exemplary behavior and achievement. These commendations carry points according to the impact it makes on student, school and society. A student who scores more than ten points will qualify for “Honor of St. Anthony’s”. Whenever a student is issued a commendation the parents are informed electronically on the same day and the student is issued a certificate of appreciation.



To ensure a higher level of character and morality, punctuality, school attendance, compliance with school rules, discipline and attention to studies, warnings are issued to the students who fail to abide by the school rules and policies. Parents are informed electronically on the same day.

At St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School, our approach to discipline thrives within the nurturing embrace of a compassionate caring community. We firmly uphold the belief that praise and encouragement are more potent tools for shaping behavior than criticism and punitive measures.

Within this context, we entrust our students with the responsibility of their actions, encouraging them to uphold the elevated standards of conduct that lie at the heart of our ethos. We understand that fostering these standards is a collective effort, and the active support of parents is paramount in this endeavor.


To provide students with a clear understanding of our expectations, we adhere to a comprehensive code of conduct. As an English-medium institution, proficiency in English is a cornerstone of our academic environment.