St. Anthony’s High school,
3-Cecil Chaudhry Road, Lahore. (SAMS)
School Ethos Team

Discipline Rules
Discipline at St. Anthony high school operates within the context of a caring catholic community with the firm belief that praise and encouragement are more effective than criticism and sanction. Students are expected to take responsibility for their actions and maintain the high standards of behavior which are central to the catholic ethos of the school.
The support of parents in this respect is essential. To help students understand which is expected of them we follow a code of conduct. As an English medium school, our students expected to be proficient in English, common salutation at St. Anthony’s High School is God bless you, in addition to other culturally accepted forms.

SOPs for students

⦁ Keep the school zone free from bullying, abuse and addiction.
⦁ Use of mobile phones and smart watches is strictly prohibited.
⦁ Decency in language must be observed throughout the day.
⦁ Do leave the areas in school in a better condition and state of
cleanliness after use.
⦁ Take good care of school properties and premises. Cost of
replacement for vandalized items will be borne by student(s)
responsible for the damage.
⦁ Writing on the walls or scribing is strictly forbidden.
⦁ Maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times on the
school premises. Cleanliness includes the maintenance of the
immediate surrounding areas.
⦁ To be punctual and attend all classes.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to:

⦁ Develop close links with the school
⦁ Collaborate with the school in developing the full potential of their
⦁ Share the responsibility of seeing that the school remains true to its
ethos values and distinctive character
⦁ Become actively involved in the school and Parents’ Council
⦁ Participate in policy and decision-making processes affecting them
⦁ Structures in place to facilitate open communication and consultation
with Parents/Guardians
⦁ Parent/teacher meetings one-to-one after every exam
⦁ Parents/Guardians receive school report of each pupil at the
end of each school year
⦁ Meetings with parents/guardians whose children have special needs
⦁ Consultation throughout the year on policy development.


Teaching approaches such as learning through play and blended learning
is highly effective for developing holistic education skills.
We also believe in catering fun activities for our students like bonfire, ,
excursion trips, movie and theater, bake sale, special Christmas and Easter
Students participate in community service projects at different levels to
inculcate empathy and life skills among them. The main objective is to
enhance the idea of global citizenship.

To that effect we actively engage our students in:
⦁ Literary Activities
Pre-School (Mont-Nursery GRO)
English Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Hand Writing, Phonic / Drawing
Pre-School (Prep GRO)
SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Hand Writing, Urdu Spelling Bee, English Reading
SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Hand Writing, English Spelling Bee, Urdu Reading
Pre-School (ONE GRO)
SET-A: Urdu Reading, English Poetry, English Spelling Bee, Poster / Drawing
SET-B: English Reading, Urdu Spelling Bee, Urdu Poetry, Mental Math
Primary Department (2-5 GRO)
SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Speech, Singing Competition, Mental Math
SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Speech, English Spelling Bee, General Knowledge
Middle Department (6-8 GRO)
SET-A: Urdu Poetry, English Speech, Singing Competition, General Knowledge
SET-B: English Poetry, Urdu Speech, English Spelling Bee, Debate
High Department (9-10 GRO)
SET-A: Debates, Urdu Letter Writing, English Essay Writing, Computer Typing
SET-B: English Speech, English Letter Writing, Urdu Essay Writing, General Knowledge
• All students must take part in 4 activities in a year.
• Students will select one activity from Set-A and another activity from Set-B for
first and second term.
• Selection of the activity will be done one by the student and other by the
class teacher.
• The annual plan of the activities should be shared with parents through website
And should be in class notice board.
• Activities will be selected in two terms as mentioned in each term accordingly.
• Class teacher conducts the first term competition along with the other designated
teacher assigned by the set department.
To qualify for a Trophy/shield, the student must have secured at least 80% in
the competition.

Special Activities

⦁ Arts & Crafts
⦁ Sports
⦁ Excursions
⦁ Musical Concerts
⦁ Service learning projects
⦁ Exhibitions
⦁ Outreach Programs